Authentic Wisdom offers a 2 hour interactive workshop to explore how we manage stress and mental health from a holistic perspective, providing tools to better understand who we really are, and explore some of the challenges that affect us mentally, emotionally and spiritually in our modern world to encourage moving towards a more authentic and happy life.


  1. Holistic perspective – body, mind, emotions and spirit are all interconnected.  What affects one part affects all of us.
  2. Why are we all so stressed out and what can we do about it?  Balance.  
  3. Managing anxiety and depression.
  4. Guilt and worry – useless emotions keeping us locked in the past or future-based fear.
  5. Who are you really?  Know thyself – the basis for your spiritual growth and understanding your true purpose.
  6. What can we do to support our health and wellbeing?
  • Nutrition – real whole food instead of refined.  What is the value of protein?  How much protein do we need?  What foods contain protein?  What are some good protein snacks?
  • Sleep – how much sleep is enough?  
  • Movement – rather than exercise, lets reframe this to what can you do every day that you enjoy while moving your body?
  • Creativity and fun – we need to have fun occasionally to balance out stress.
  • Social connection – family, friends, community. 
  • Nature connection – calms the mind and emotions
  • Self-connection and nurturing – Love and acceptance of the Self is fundamental to wellbeing.
  • Finding meaning and purpose – quieten the mind-chatter and connect to our Higher Self
Cathy has a relaxed and engaging presentation style, providing practical advice and down to Earth scenarios
— Jill, Sydney
Beautifully presented – logical flow of topics covered with useful information delivered with warmth and integrity
— Rajesh, Sunshine Coast
Very knowledgeable presenter with a relaxed presentation style. Loved the personal examples and nutritional information
— Angela, Brisbane
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