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“My aim is to assist you in achieving your health goals by encouraging your body’s innate healing capacity from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective”



As a Naturopath, I am constantly reminded of the healing power of our plants, not only on a physical level, but also an emotional, mental and spiritual level.  I have a special interest in helping people of all ages manage depression, anxiety, insomnia, excessive stress and the related effects on the body.  Stress triggers the secretion of hormones which can affect every system in our body - challenging the nervous system, dampening the immune system, affecting digestion, dysregulating blood sugar levels, and the list goes on.

Mental Health

Supporting mental health naturally has been a passion of mine for decades, and was the inspiration behind writing and presenting the Authentic Wisdom workshop.  There are many complementary options to help manage depression and anxiety, including optimal nutrition, movement, social networks, flower essences and herbal medicine.

My desire to study natural medicine came through my own health journey with chronic fatigue and the answers that finally came through natural medicine, after years of looking for answers via conventional medicine. The process of healing also included reassessing my lifestyle and exploring the bigger picture, including how stress and unhealthy choices contributed to my illness.  This experience helped me understand how our daily choices and habits are the foundation of our health, and that we can make better choices if we are aware of them.

Authentic Wisdom

I developed the Authentic Wisdom Vibrational Mists range in 2013, which evolved from combining my love of aromatherapy, flower essences and yoga philosophy. I have found flower essences to be a powerful tool, bringing awareness and understanding to areas where we may feel stuck, in order to bring about gentle healing on a deep emotional level. I first experienced the power of flower essences over 20 years ago, and studied Flower Essences with Endeavour College of Natural Health in 2009. I have been exploring and working with clients using Ian White’s Australian Bush Flower Essences ever since.

Authentic Wisdom now has its own flower essence range, which are incorporated into the vibrational mists. Each vibrational mist corresponds with a particular chakra, helping to remove blockages, strengthen intentions and bring about consciousness of the present moment. I invite you to try the vibrational mist range in store at the Brisbane Endeavour Bookstore or visit the Authentic Wisdom online store.

I am passionate about holistic healing and empowering others on their journey of wellness, and look forward to providing guidance with any of your health issues.