Are you still re-running old conversations in your head and feeling emotionally drained?  Need some clarity and direction?  If you are ready to stand in your own power and take charge of your personal growth, flower essence therapy with Authentic Wisdom can guide you.

Flower Essence therapy assists with accessing your true Self.  When we take away the external layers of our work or career expectations, family expectations, society and cultural expectations, who is left?  This person, your true and authentic Self, is the underlying driving force of your life.  If you know who this person is, you have much greater awareness of the choices available to you.

Cath first experienced the power of essence therapy over 20 years ago, and studied Flower Essence Therapy with Endeavour College of Natural Health in 2009.  She has been exploring and working with Ian White’s Australian Bush Flower Essences ever since.  Authentic Wisdom now has its own flower essence range, which are incorporated into the vibrational mists.

Flower essences are a powerful tool, bringing awareness and understanding to areas where we may be stuck, and help bring about gentle healing on a deep emotional level.

Attending a flower essence consultation allows you to create awareness and understanding of your emotional and spiritual questions, and understand the bigger picture of your life.  You can explore the benefits of self-nurturing and forgiveness, allowing you to express love, acceptance and a belief in yourself. 

Authentic Wisdom offers a safe space, compassion and acceptance, for you to explore your emotional and spiritual journey, and an individualised essence prescription based on your personal circumstances.   Email to book an appointment.

Flower Essence Therapy 45 minutes $60 consultation including essence prescription.

I met with Cathy today and we spoke about my anxiety. She made a wonderful bush flower tonic for me to take daily. She really is a beautiful soul and I immediately felt her healing energy wrap it’s warm arms around me.
— Lee, Brisbane
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