A love of aromatherapy and flower essence healing has blossomed into a range of 9 Vibrational Mists based on yoga philosophy and chakra healing, tailor-made to integrate and heal on an emotional and spiritual level.

Completely natural, the Authentic Wisdom vibrational mists combine genuine essential oils with energy-healing flower essences, in an exquisite spray mist which can be used at work or in the home to create the experience and atmosphere you choose.   The mists are a wonderful tool in meditation, with affirmations included to assist with accessing subconscious abilities to help strengthen your intentions and awareness.

I developed the Authentic Wisdom Vibrational Mists range in 2013, combining essential oils and flower essences to further strengthen their healing abilities. I have found flower essences to be a powerful tool, bringing awareness and understanding to areas where we may feel stuck, in order to bring about gentle healing on a deep emotional level. Authentic Wisdom has its own flower essence range, which are incorporated into the vibrational mists. Each vibrational mist corresponds with a particular chakra, helping to remove blockages, strengthen intentions and bring about consciousness of the present moment.

The vibrational mists can be used as an aura spray, allowing the mist to surround you, or as a room spray to brighten the mood, clear negative energies or set intentions, or even as a body spray, as the mists are completely natural, with no hidden chemicals.

The Authentic Wisdom vibrational mists are available in three different sizes - a 30ml purse pack for $14, 50ml regular for $18, or jumbo 100ml for $25, so you can take it with you and have on hand as needed, or have your jumbo bottle at home which will last for ages. You even have the option of putting together your own healing packs - 3 x 50ml of your choice for $50, or 3 x 30ml for $40.

Vibrational Mist Range

Balance - Balance Vibrational Mist balances and centres your being, allowing you to cope with day to day challenges with a clear mind, and a calm and easy manner.  More information

Grounding - Grounding Vibrational Mist assists with feeling grounded, centred and protected. Grounding allows you to be in the present moment and have the courage and conviction to live your truth.                     More information

Vitality -Vitality Vibrational Mist is uplifting, joyful and renews your enthusiasm and lust for life.  Vitality is especially helpful in times of burnout, boredom or lack of motivation.  More information

Love - Love Vibrational Mist allows you to love and accept yourself, understanding that you are an important part of the divine universal energy.  Love opens the heart chakra and allows connection to all living beings.  More information

Intuition - Intuition Vibrational Mist helps to access your subconscious connection to the universe.  Intuition connects you to your higher self and allows integration and understanding. More information

Forgiveness - Forgiveness Vibrational Mist assists with letting go of resentment and anger, allowing forgiveness and release.  Forgiveness encourages love, compassion & acceptance of past and present circumstances.  More information

Focus - Focus Vibrational Mist helps to be present and aware of your current situation, accessing left and right hemispheres of the brain, encouraging attention to detail, access to memory and the ability to achieve outcomes under pressure. More information

Peace - Peace Vibrational Mist is a tool to access your higher self in meditation.  Peace also allows an understanding of our connection to all life, and a broader spiritual awareness.  More information

Joy - Joy vibrational mist is uplifting, bringing a sense of playfulness and light energy to the present moment, and is helpful in times of depression and apathy.  More information

                  100ml Vibrational Mist - $25                               50ml Vibrational Mist - $18                        30ml Vibrational Mist - $14

                  100ml Vibrational Mist - $25                               50ml Vibrational Mist - $18                        30ml Vibrational Mist - $14

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