Getting to know your Higher Self

Inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi is the ancient Greek aphorism “Know Thyself”. There is a certain peace in knowing and accepting who you are and living in your truth. I believe that is what our journey is about, through all of our reincarnations, to get to know who we really are. Not what we think we are supposed to be, what our families expect, what our education teaches us or our society accepts… I’m talking about our real Self… Who are you really?

From an early age we learn what behaviour is acceptable and brings us love, and our personality is shaped through our relationships, schooling and society. I’m not saying that this is not important, as a civilised society is necessary for us to have the opportunity to grow. But have you ever felt that you don’t fit the mould provided for you? Do you ever question why you believe something?

The beauty of getting older is that we become more aware of who we really are. It is important to also get to know your “shadow” side, those aspects of ourselves that we don’t like or think are not acceptable; denial of our darker aspects means that we are not whole. It also leaves us open to that darkness coming out at the most inappropriate moments because we don’t understand it or have any control over it. We are complex beings, and it is possible to love and accept ourselves for all that we are.

Allow yourself to see the bigger picture of your life. Rather than blaming others – parents, partners, work, children etc, take responsibility for who you are today, making peace with your past and realise that you have a choice of how you live your life today. You have a choice of what to believe, your attitudes and your actions. Your quest is to work out what that really means to you. Get to know your true Self and trust that you are lovable and acceptable, even if you do not fit in the “box”.

As an adult we need to learn how to trust our intuition again. This can be strengthened through meditation, journaling and taking time out from our busy lives to quieten the mind-chatter and connect to our Higher Self. We all have this ability and connection. Your intuition just needs to be given acknowledgement and respect, and you can start to trust that you do have access to Universal wisdom.

Learning to trust our intuition again is a part of our personal growth, and doesn't necessarily happen overnight.  Take time out to explore and calm the external influences, and realise that you are far more than the daily time commitments and responsibilities, and have access to a wealth of Universal wisdom within yourself.

The Inner Wisdom Pack can assist with accessing your intuition and Higher Self to explore some of these questions.   Intuition Vibrational Mist helps to access your subconscious connection to the Universe; allowing contact with your Higher Self and assisting with the integration and understanding of your purpose.  Use Intuition vibrational mist before meditation to help access answers from the Universe. 

Intuition vibrational mist can also be helpful in combination with the affirmation when communicating, whether in writing or face to face, to connect with Source and allow the wisdom to come through.  Use also enhances creative visualisation and develops the third eye.  Use as an Aura or room spray, especially when looking to your intuition for answers.

Peace Vibrational Mist is a beautiful tool to access your Higher Self in meditation, and allows an understanding of our connection to all life, as well as a broader spiritual awareness.  It is also very helpful in calming the nervous system and to help “see” things much clearer.  Use as a room or aura spray before meditation for calming the thoughts down and connecting deeply to your Spiritual awareness.

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