Vitality Vibrational Mist

Vitality Vibrational Mist

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Vitality vibrational mist is uplifting, joyful and renews your enthusiasm and lust for life. Vitality is especially helpful in times of burnout, boredom or lack of motivation. Energy healing flower essences promote optimism, passion and creativity to help to live in the moment and embrace the joy of life. This can also be helpful to use when feeling a bit down or unmotivated.

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I Am Well, Strong & Vital.

I Have The Energy & The Power

To Accomplish Anything I Choose to Do.


Authentic Wisdom Flower Essences:

Happy Chappy - Joy of being alive. Relieves depression and improves vitality. 

Nasturtium - Promotes optimism, creativity, independence and gratitude. Supports tolerance. Protection from unwanted energies. Reduces fear.

Old Man Banksia – Enthusiasm and enjoyment of life for those who are weary or sluggish.

Sunshine Wattle - Joyful expectation, optimism and the ability to see the beauty and joy in the present moment.  Antidepressant.

Wild Petunia - Romantic love and aphrodisiac qualities. Beauty, joy & inspiration. Vibrancy, passion & creativity.


Ahimsa Essential Oils: 

Basil - Energizes and uplifts body and mind, connection to inner self, transforms stagnant energy.

Lemongrass - Purifies the mind, releases resentment, brings optimism, courage and hope. Protects auric field from electromagnetic radiation.

Lemon Myrtle - Uplifting and refreshing, antidepressant, calming, purifies the air, brings clarity and strength of spirit.   

Lime - Uplifting and improves concentration. Calms anxiety. Relieves stress, irritation and worry. Grounding & centring. Reduces negativity.

Peppermint - Uplifting and invigorating, great during times of mental fatigue and stress, relieves anxiety and depression.   

Rosemary - Clears the mind, brings mental awareness and improves memory. Relieves stress and depression.