We’ve all been told that we need to aim for balance in our lives, but what exactly is balance?

Balance is about giving to yourself as well as others. It involves time and space alone, away from our busy day to day lives to process and integrate our thoughts and feelings so that we can understand ourselves better and function well in society.

This can be through meditation, time spent in nature or even a bath. Somewhere that you can take time out and are not bombarded with news, entertainment and the constant hum of society.

Balance is the opposite of obsession. Nothing by itself is good or bad, but when taken to extremes, anything can have a detrimental effect. If we become obsessed with work, exercise, diet, relationships etc, this can lead to injury, burn out, judgement & self-righteousness, bitterness, jealousy, and cynicism.

Sometimes life can throw challenges at us that can knock us off balance, particularly accident, illness, trauma or grief. Taking time out to nurture yourself and heal is most important. Do not be overwhelmed by our perceived expectations of society. Life does go on, and if you have a little break from it all to recuperate, you can gain strength and resilience from adversity.

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