Alignment Kit

Alignment Kit

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The combination of grounding, love and peace helps bring alignment by working with the base chakra, heart chakra and higher Self, allowing a sense of ease with oneself.

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Alignment Kit

Includes Grounding, Love & Peace Vibrational Mists


Grounding helps to stay in the present moment. Love encourages nurturing and acceptance of the self, and Peace assists with calming the nervous system and is also helpful for a good night’s sleep.

Grounding vibrational mist assists with feeling grounded, centred and protected; allowing you to be in the present moment and have the courage and conviction to live your truth. Spray the grounding mist just before walking, and use the affirmation as a mantra to really connect with your base chakra and feel yourself in your body. Whenever you recognise you are caught up in a story in the mind, spray grounding mist and repeat the affirmation to bring yourself back into the present moment in time. Use the grounding mist to clear energy in the room as the flower essence blend offers psychic protection from negative energies, as well as antimicrobial protection through the essential oils.

Love vibrational mist allows you to love and accept yourself, understanding that you are an important part of the divine universal energy. Love opens the heart chakra and allows connection to all living beings. Use the love vibrational mist on a daily basis as body spray after your shower or bath and speak the affirmation aloud to yourself in the mirror. You may find this challenging the first couple of times you try it, but I recommend persisting, and you will soon feel the benefits.

Peace vibrational mist is a tool to access your higher self in meditation, and allows an understanding of our connection to all life, as well as a broader spiritual awareness. It is also very helpful in calming the nervous system and to help 'see' things much clearer. Peace can be very helpful for sleep by using the mist as a room spray, or on your pillow to calm the nervous system. It is also recommended to use when feeling overwhelmed to help reduce symptoms. The Alignment kit also includes bonus flyers offering suggestions on calming the nervous system, grounding, as well as self nurturing and self-acceptance to give you some useful tools.