Grounding Vibrational Mist

Grounding Vibrational Mist

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The grounding vibrational mist assists with feeling grounded, centred and protected; allowing you to be in the present moment and have the courage and conviction to live your truth. Spray the grounding mist just before walking, and use the affirmation as a mantra to really connect with your base chakra and feel yourself in your body. Whenever you recognise you are caught up in a story in the mind, spray grounding mist and repeat the affirmation to bring yourself back into the present moment in time. Use the grounding mist to clear energy in the room as the flower essence blend offers psychic protection from negative energies, as well as antimicrobial protection through the essential oils.

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Strong & Balanced

With a good foundation

Strong & Balanced

Roots firmly of the Earth

Strong & Balanced

I am at peace


Authentic Wisdom Flower Essences:

Nasturtium - Promotes optimism, creativity, independence and gratitude. Supports tolerance. Protection from unwanted energies. Reduces fear.

Old Man Banksia - Enthusiasm and enjoyment of life for those who are weary or sluggish.

Red Powderpuff - Connection to life purpose, renewal and a future full of many possibilities. Opening of spiritual awareness while remaining grounded.  

Black-Eyed Susan - Cleansing and releasing, grounding, vitality, expressiveness and integration.

Goodenia Rotundifolia - Supports cognitive function. Calms the mind.


Ahimsa Essential oils:

Cedarwood - Brings spiritual strength, allows connection and grounding. Calms anxiety and reduces fear.

Lemon Myrtle - Uplifting and refreshing, antidepressant, calming, purifies the air, brings clarity and strength of spirit.   

Myrtle - Has a cleansing effect on the emotional body, helpful in addiction.

Orange - Relaxing and calming, reduces anxiety and is an antidepressant.

Geranium - Balances the mind and emotions. Relieves stress and anxiety. Promotes clarity.