Peace Vibrational Mist

Peace Vibrational Mist

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Peace vibrational mist is a tool to access your higher self in meditation, and allows an understanding of our connection to all life, as well as a broader spiritual awareness. It is also very helpful in calming the nervous system and to help ‘see’ things much clearer. Peace can be very helpful for sleep by using the mist as a room spray, or on your pillow.

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I Choose Life, Love & Connection

To My Higher Self.

I Allow Myself to See

The Bigger Picture.

I Am at Peace.


Authentic Wisdom Flower Essences:

Boronia - Clarity of thought and calms the mind, helping to let go of unwanted internal dialogue. Access to intuition and enhances creative visualisation.

Plum Myrtle Flower - Calms and centres, while providing connection to the higher self.  Complete acceptance of the beauty of being oneself.

Purple Pea Flower - Refines spirituality and psychic development.

Grevillea - To be true to the self, and help to follow your own path.

Agapanthus - Unconditional love and acceptance, with the understanding of connection to all living beings. Connection to the higher self.


Ahimsa Essential Oils:

Chamomile - Calming effect on the mind and body, soothes and relaxes the nervous system.   

Frankincense - Enhances spiritual connection, centres and calms, helping to create inner peace.

Geranium - Balances the mind and emotions. Relieves stress and anxiety. Promotes clarity.

Lavender - Calming and relaxing, soothes irritability and relieves stress.

Ylang Ylang - Balances nervous system.