Inner Wisdom Pack

Inner Wisdom Pack

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The combination of intuition and peace vibrational mists assists with strengthening the higher chakras and helps you to connect with your inner wisdom.

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Inner Wisdom Pack

Includes Intuition & Peace Vibrational Mists


The essential oils and flower essences blend in intuition vibrational mist assists with accessing your subconscious connection to the universe; allowing contact with your higher self and with the integration and understanding of your purpose. Use intuition vibrational mist before meditation to help access answers from the universe. 

Intuition vibrational mist can also be helpful in combination with the affirmation when communicating, whether in writing or face to face, to connect with source and allow the wisdom to come through. You can also use Intuition to enhance creative visualisation and develop the third eye. Use as an aura or room spray, especially when looking to your intuition for answers. Peace vibrational mist is a beautiful tool to access your higher self in meditation, and allows an understanding of our connection to all life, as well as a broader spiritual awareness. 

It is also very helpful in calming the nervous system and to help 'see' things much clearer. Use as a room or aura spray before meditation for calming the thoughts down and connecting deeply to your spiritual awareness. Peace vibrational mist can be very helpful for insomnia by using the mist as a room spray, or on your pillow to calm the nervous system. It is also very helpful to use when feeling anxious or overwhelmed to help reduce symptoms. Inner wisdom pack includes further information on understanding and accessing your intuition.