Work/Study Survival Kit

Work/Study Survival Kit

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The combination of balance and focus vibrational mists helps with staying calm in stressful situations, to concentrate on what you need to achieve, and offers energetic protection from negativity around you.

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Work Survival Kit

Includes Balance & Focus Vibrational Mists


The essential oils and flower essences in the focus vibrational mist helps you with being present and aware, accessing left and right hemispheres of the brain, encouraging attention to detail, access to memory and the ability to achieve outcomes under pressure. Spray the focus mist to prepare your space for studying, and use the mist every half hour to keep the concentration levels high. 

Focus can also be helpful in the work environment to keep yourself motivated, focused and able to keep up with responsibilities. The mist also includes tea tree oil to protect the immune system while under stress. Balance vibrational mist balances and centres your being, allowing you to cope with day to day challenges with a clear mind and a calm, easy manner. Use the balance mist to clear energy in the room and provide a positive space to study or work. The flower essence blend offers psychic protection from negative energies, as well as antimicrobial protection through the essential oils. This blend is calming and yet uplifting at the same time. 

Using balance in stressful situations gives you a chance to regroup and refresh. The affirmation is also helpful to reframe current stressful situations, and I recommend sticking the flyer up on your desk or somewhere you can read it the affirmation on a daily basis. This assists your subconscious to shift negative belief patterns and see your situation with a different perspective. The survival pack also includes bonus information on exploring balance in your life and remembering the important priorities.