Exploring Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be a challenging concept for many.  However resentment, bitterness or guilt are emotions that keep us locked in the past and powerless in the present.  As well as being linked with many disease states including cancer.

When approaching forgiveness, remember that the person you are most angry with was only operating from their own experience, understanding and awareness that they had at that time.  This also includes your own perception and awareness.  Be willing to forgive, and allow the possibility of letting go, as this can set you free to live in the present moment.

A few years back I read a passage that explained that your enemy is your friend. They are here to teach you the greatest lessons in life. At first I found this confusing, however as I explored further I started to understand this concept a little more. They challenge you to rise above petty thoughts into your higher Self and ask what this experience has to teach you. What can you understand about yourself and your reactions to this situation?  Can you learn a better way?  In 5 years time will this even matter?

 Others are only ever operating from their own perceptions, with their own complex past, influenced by their family and society, and are mostly doing the best that they can with their experience.  It is very rare that people are mean or destructive towards you purposefully.

There are many exercises to approach forgiveness, including therapy, meditation and flower essences. Flower essences are a powerful tool, bringing awareness and understanding to areas where we may be stuck, and help bring about gentle healing on a deep emotional level.

Forgiveness Vibrational Mist assists with letting go of resentment & anger, allowing forgiveness and release.  Using this mist encourages love, compassion & acceptance of past & present circumstances.  The Forgiveness vibrational mist can assist the healing process by misting above the head and speaking aloud the affirmation -

I forgive you
I release you
I let it go
I let go of guilt, resentment & anger
 & allow myself to move on.

The combination of essential oils and flower essences encourages your connection to your sub-conscious, and the affirmation strengthens your intentions and connects you emotionally and spiritually to your Higher Self.

The following is also a helpful exercise to start the healing process. Choose a time when you will not be interrupted, write a letter to the person, thanking them for the positive things you have experienced or received from them being in your life.  Then continue with all of the things you have ever wanted to tell them but felt unable or scared to express.  Make sure you include everything about their behaviour, feelings and things that happened or were said in the past that you still think about.  Keep going until you cannot think of anything else.  This may take some time. 

When you have exhausted as many topics and issues as possible, write at the bottom of the page. 

“I forgive you “person’s name”, and I release any resentment and anger that I feel. 

I release you and allow myself to move on.”

When you feel ready, burn the letter (in a safe place – such as the fireplace, or outside in an old pot), saying as the letter is going up in flames –

“I forgive you, and with these flames, I release you”

Or you can replace your own words that feel appropriate.  Make this a personal ceremony with any ritual that you feel necessary to help release any long held regrets, resentment or bitterness.

 Forgive everyone and step into your own power today.