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How does the brain and gut communicate and how does this affect our health?

The Gut-Brain axis is a constant two-way communication which happens via the microbiome, vagus nerve and neurotransmitters, and understanding this connection helps to better assess and treat mental health issues and digestion.  With depression and anxiety at an all time high, understanding how these conditions may be linked with imbalances in the gut gives better treatment options by addressing the bigger picture and underlying cause of disease.

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Exploring Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be a challenging concept for many.  However resentment, bitterness or guilt are emotions that keep us locked in the past and powerless in the present.  As well as being linked with many disease states including cancer.  Read on to explore forgiveness and set yourself free from thepain, anger and guilt, and allow yourself to move on...
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The Gut-Brain Axis

One of my passions is helping people with depression and anxiety through natural medicine. There are so many options available that can help with these symptoms.  There are many contributing factors to mental health issues - including trauma, genetic factors, lifestyle, but one of the major influences that not many people are aware of is what is going on in the gut.

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Supporting Healthy Sleep Cycles

So many people I speak with are struggling with a sleep disorder which impacts their day to day functioning.   Insomnia affects up to 30% of the population and is defined as a chronic or acute sleep disorder characterized by a complaint of difficulty initiating, and/or maintaining sleep, as well as a subjective complaint of poor sleep quality that results in daytime impairment. 

Anyone who has had bouts of insomnia (or young babies in the house) knows that lack of sleep has a huge effect on mood as well as physical impairment, resulting in mental and physical exhaustion, and lowered cognitive function. Pharmaceutical medications might get you to sleep, but they come with a range of side-effects including grogginess, potential for overdose, tolerance, and addiction.

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